Relaxing with my daughter Ruby
A bit about me...

Touch is such a natural way to bring comfort and
to heal. If you bang your arm, you'll instinctively rub it – without realising, you're increasing circulation to that area and encouraging healing. This has always fascinated me.


I worked as a sub-editor for more than 20 years across magazines and newspapers, focused mainly on health features, and so, over the years I've absorbed a lot of what I've read about alternative health treatments and found myself drawn to massage and the way in which it helps the various systems of the body to function efficiently.


I became an ITEC-qualified massage therapist in Swedish massage in 2006, and since then have loved giving treatments and seeing the benefits that massage brings to health and wellbeing. I am also a consultant for Neal's Yard Organic, the brand of massage oils I use in my treatments, as their products are second to none.